The Grit + Grace Project


Q:  What does it take to be the 1st female anything? 

A:  It takes GRIT and it takes GRACE.

-       Meryl Streep, Democratic National Convention, July 2016 


The Grit + Grace chapter book series for young female readers (target age 6-9) focuses on the performance character traits birthed from the positive psychology movement:  grit, self–control (grace), curiosity, optimism, social intelligence, gratitude and zest.  Imbedded in the stories, each book also highlights a mantra, power symbols and easy techniques and tools to educate and inspire young girls to work through childhood anxiety so they may become fearless citizens in their schools and communities.

The academic world has been researching the character trait of grit in earnest for half a decade.  Gritmade its pop culture debut with the release of Angela Duckworth’s wildly successful book GRIT:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance, May 2016.  Conversely, grace has been a cornerstone of eastern and western spiritual study for centuries, but has had a mainstream resurgence with the recent popularity of mindfulness and meditation.  Grit and grace made their political debut at the Democratic National Convention with Meryl Streep championing these character traits in Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton.  Given these events, the opportunity to inspire our youngest female presidential hopefuls to develop their own reservoirs of Grit + Grace is ripe with potential and possibility.

- Eva Allison Frank